Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or "drones") are fast becoming an ever-present eye in the sky, potentially granting governments greater strike and surveillance capabilities than even Orwell’s fictional Big Brother could hope to wield. In response, NYC artist Adam Harvey has created a series of garments which claim to reduce the effectiveness of UAVs.

We’ve previously reported on some of the privacy-conscious Harvey’s past works, including an Anti-paparazzi clutch bag and Anti-Paparazzi Sunglasses. This latest project continues in the artist’s trend of subverting methods of snooping.

Harvey’s garments include an anti-drone hoodie and scarf, which are designed to block the thermal imaging cameras used by many airborne drones. The designer also created a burqa which appears to function in much the same way.

In addition, the collection also contains an "XX-shirt," which blocks x-ray radiation, and the "Off Pocket," an anti-phone accessory which completely blocks a phone signal.

Harvey is currently selling the designs, and would-be shoppers can pick up an anti-drone hoodie for £315 (or around US$500).

While one may question the efficacy of Harvey’s counter-surveillance outerwear, his message remains an important one in an age of ever-increasing state powers of surveillance.

The Stealth Wear collection is on display in the UK at Primitive London until January 31.

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