SteelSeries' new wired gaming mouse offers something a little out of the ordinary, carrying a tiny OLED display designed to provide extra visual flair, easy profile switching, and more. The mouse also sports a tactile alerts feature and swappable components.

Known as the Rival 700, SteelSeries calls its new product the "first smart gaming mouse" on the market. Its embedded display, located just beneath the tip of the user's index finger, is customizable, with the ability to show player states, sensitivity settings, custom logos and animations, and provide easy profile switching.

There's also a tactile alert function built in, which can be customized to go off as the user desires, whether it be to signal low health or indicate that an ability cooldown timer has expired.

The device carries a high-resolution 16,000 CPI optical sensor, and offers response times as low as one millisecond. The sensor module itself can be removed, allowing for upgrades down the line.

Other than the novel OLED display, the design of the device is in keeping with what you'd expect from a gaming-oriented product. There are seven buttons included, as well as the obligatory customizable RGB lighting panels. Like the sensor module, the top cover of the device can also be swapped out, giving users the chance to change up the look of the mouse as they please.

The SteelSeries Rival 700 Elite Performance is set to hit shelves in Northern Hemisphere Spring 2016. It's priced at US$100.

Source: SteelSeries

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