Last year Google introduced an update to Google Earth that allowed users to explore the mapping software in virtual reality. Now it is bringing Street View to Earth VR so that headset-wearing folks can have a gander at ground level.

Google Earth has been around for a decade in some shape or form, and a series of facelifts have continued to bring our globe into sharper and sharper focus. Last year's VR update allowed owners of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift to soar through locations around the world, flying around cities and mountain ranges and simply turning their heads to take in all the features.

With the latest update, such users can now explore Street View imagery from 85 countries. Flying toward ground level in certain locations will prompt a Street View button to pop up, just like it does at times in regular ol' Google Maps. Clicking on that button using a hand-held controller will then enter the user in an immersive 360-degree photo on the ground where they can turn their heads to look around.

With plenty of places to explore, Google has a couple of suggestions to get started, San Francisco's AT&T Park, home to Major League Baseball team the San Francisco Giants, and Old Port in Dubrovnik, Croatia, known as King's Landing to Game of Thrones fans.

The update is available from today on both the HTC Vice and Oculus Rift, and also through the Street View app for Google Daydream.

Source: Google

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