The organic quality of wood causes almost anything made from it to seem somehow classier, whether we’re talking about bicycle frames, computers or earbuds. For the really organic look, however, it’s best to leave the wood as close to its natural state as possible. That’s what European designer Floris Wubben has done with his Stripped lamp, which is made from a single tree branch.

The branch’s bark is left attached at the top, but has been peeled away in three parallel strips down the length of the rest of the branch. That peeled bark has then been curled into a sort of cone, that serves as the lamp shade.

The bottom of the branch has been split in three and splayed, providing the legs for the lamp. A power cord runs up from the bottom, and appears to be internally routed through the core of the branch.

If you want your own one-of-a-kind Stripped lamp, you can order one from Wubben's website ... but be prepared to pay €11,000 (US$14,352). Should you like its esthetic but not be in need of another lamp, you might want to check out the iTree instead – it’s an iPhone dock made from a tree trunk, and it will only cost you a little closer to $15,000.

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