Strix Systems announces new wireless surveillance system

Strix Systems announces new wi...
Strix Integrated Wireless Video Surveillance System
Strix Integrated Wireless Video Surveillance System
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Strix Integrated Wireless Video Surveillance System
Strix Integrated Wireless Video Surveillance System

January 30, 2008 Strix Systems and Dotworkz Systems have released the Integrated Wireless Video Surveillance System (IWVS)- an integrated outdoor surveillance system specifically designed to deliver high quality IP video footage over wireless/WiFi mesh networks.

The Strix Systems hardware and software is integrated with the Dotworkz D2 vandal-tough, weatherized enclosures. The setup allows users to remotely pan, tilt and zoom the IP-enabled cameras. Strix intelligent radio algorithms dynamically adjust to the environment, and Strix Access/One Edge allow the IWVS to achieve robust, continuous high throughput and low latency.

The IWVS can be applied in stationary, semi permanent, strategic and mobile environments, and has separate configurations for different climates. The D2 COOLDOME can withstand temperatures of 66 degrees Celsius, and has a thermo-electric solid state cooling system that automatically maintains temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius without air exchange into the sealed housing control. It also controls humidity levels, guarding against lens fogging and component corrosion. In climates where temperatures reach -40 degrees Celsius, the D2 ”RING OF FIRE” uses a heated interior system that provides 360 degrees of radiant heat around the interior to prevent cameras and components from freezing.

The IWVS includes high power 802.11a, and according to the manufacturers is the only wireless video surveillance system that rigidly complies with high-power 4.9 GHz for public safety deployments. 802.11a and 4.9 GHz radios provide secured/encrypted WiFi access to the wireless mesh network. IP Video is switched at high-speed between radios and the IP camera connected Ethernet port, while Strix Virtual/One and Strix Priority/One provide packet prioritization and quality of service throughout the network for streaming of high quality video.

Layer 2 Network Address Translation and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol enable self-configuration, which is fully manageable by Strix Systems Manager/One and Simple Network Management Protocol managers. Video and recording management is enabled by the IP video surveillance camera and/or client-server application of choice. The IWVS optionally includes an 802.11g radio for localized wireless client/user access, which supports voice, video and data applications.

"The Integrated Wireless Video Surveillance System provides excellent performance and has proven itself to be a valuable solution for our customers” said Sandy Bendremer, vice president of Galaxy Internet Services. “For our public safety installations, officers connect to the IWVS from anywhere on the wireless mesh network to view live or recorded video."

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