May 1, 2009 The Suntrica SolarBadge and the SolarStrap are pocket-sized, durable and lightweight solar-charging devices with a flexible design that's durable enough to withstand harsh environments and versatile enough to be worn on various parts of your body or your backpack.

Using a flexible thin-film panel, the devices store the Sun's energy internal battery which can be used immediately or later in the day to charge mobile phones, digital cameras or MP3 players. The battery offers a service voltage of five volts and can also be charged via mains power or USB.

Versatility is the key here - these pocket-sized units give you the freedom to go traveling wherever you like - safe in the knowledge that you have a power source for your personal electronic equipment. They can also be attached to different parts of your body or backpack to ensure that the device is always positioned toward the sun. The badge has a hook and loop fastener and the strap (obviously) simply straps on.

The Suntica solar powered chargers recently took out second place in the “Green – Consumer Hardware” category in CTIA’s E-tech awards.

Mr. Jouko Häyrynen, CEO and co-founder of Suntrica, said, “The CTIA has recognized that our chargers are unlike anything else available on the market today. They are a portable and easy-to-use instant source of energy on the move. Suntrica will contribute to Green Mobile initiatives and from its part to prevent the climate change while providing reliable, instant energy sources globally.”

Jude Garvey

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