Like goodies from a "?" box in Super Mario, details are slowly being revealed about Nintendo's theme park venture with Universal Studios. After announcing the partnership back in May 2015, the two companies have now announced some general ideas about what we can expect to experience when Super Nintendo World arrives by 2020.

The park will include rides, shops, restaurants, and interactive areas, all dressed in the colorful characters and worlds of Nintendo's iconic IP. It sounds like the Super Mario series will be the focus, as suggested by the concept art above, but Universal promises that a variety of other Nintendo characters will make an appearance as well.

Unsurprisingly, Universal Studios Japan will host the first Super Nintendo World site, and development is reported to cost upwards of ¥50 billion (US$435 million). Doors are due to open before the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games kick off, and Mario and friends will also eventually make the trip to Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood.

Universal says that individual parks may have different attractions, and more specific details will be announced soon. Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto and Universal Creative's Mark Woodbury discuss the idea in the video below.

A driveable Mario Kart track? A Pokémon safari zone? A Metroid shooting gallery? Let us know below what kinds of things you'd want to see in a Nintendo theme park.