Super Talent’s new US$420 128GB Solid State Drive offers 150 MB/sec

Super Talent’s new US$420 128G...
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September 18, 2008 Solid State Drives just keep getting better and prices get ever more competitive and Super Talent Technology’s latest additions to its MasterDrive family will excite more than a few of our readers. The new SSDs employ a sophisticated new multi-channel SATA-II (3.0 Gbits per sec) controller, with the MasterDrive OX using MLC NAND Flash to transfer data at speeds up to 150 MB/sec sequential read and 100 MB/sec sequential write while the MasterDrive PX uses SLC NAND Flash to deliver a breath-taking 170 MB/sec sequential read and 130 MB/sec sequential write speeds.

The MasterDrive OX is offered in capacities up to 128GB, and is backed with a 1-year warranty while the MasterDrive PX SSD is available in 32 and 64GB capacities, and includes a 3-year warranty.

Both MasterDrive OX and PX SSDs support the following standard features:- Fast 0.1msec access time;- 0C to 70C operating temperature range;- Integrated wear leveling and bad bit management algorithms, and ECC.

The 128GB MasterDrive OX will be available this week at a street price of around US$419.

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