If you haven't got the carpentry skills (or the tree) to erect your own designer treehouse, then a visit to this enchanting holiday destination might satisfy the needs of your inner-child. Hidden in the beautiful village of Harads, approximately 37 miles (60 km) south of the Arctic Circle, Sweden's Treehotel is an eco-based designer lodging that hosts six unique rooms nestled amongst the pines high above the ground.

The hotel's themed tree-rooms include The Mirrorcube, The Bird's Nest, The Cabin, The Blue Cone, The UFO and A Room with a View. Each Tree Room has its own living and sleeping quarters, electric floor heating system powered by a renewable resource, a state of the art eco-friendly incineration toilet and water efficient hand basin.

The Bird's Nest (as you might expect) appears as a big nest with discreet windows that are almost hidden by a network of branches while the UFO has a composite exterior with classic round porthole windows and comfortable living space with separate levels.

The Mirrorcube is definitely a stand-out ... well that is if you can see it! It is a lightweight aluminum structure hung around a tree trunk and the external walls are made from mirrored glass. The structure creates a camouflaged refuge, reflecting its surroundings of pine trees and sky. The interior is constructed from plywood and the windows give a 360-degree view of the lush pine forest. To prevent birds colliding with the Mirrorcube an infrared film, only visible to birds, is laminated into the glass panes.

The interiors are architect designed and the rooms can be accessed by either a ramp, fixed staircase or an electric retractable staircase.

The Treehotel is open year-round and has the the goal of expanding to 24 new rooms in the coming years. A berth at this unique arctic escape doesn't come cheap however - a night in the Mirrorcube for example, will set you back SEK4200 (around US$675).

SEK4200 = 675 USD

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