T-BOARD hand-held surfboards rethink bodysurfing

T-BOARD hand-held surfboards rethink bodysurfing
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November 16, 2004 Surfboard design has been miniaturised with the T-BOARD Surf & Swim bodysurfing device, which straps onto one or both hands to create a wider hydroplaning surface and increase bodysurfing speed. The T-BOARD is designed for use on any kind of wave from 0 to 6 feet high and offers freedom of movement as a swimming aid or in swimming freestyle.

The T-BOARD features surfboard-like curves, an over-raised handle and a tri-fin system to give more speed, control and security out on the water. Holding and steering with both hands gives total control, and the T-BOARD is not fixed to your hands so you can just push it aside during critical moments like when the wave closes-out. It has been extensively tested for maximum performance and to satisfy surf design criteria.

Invented by Hector Zapatero, a surfboard industry veteran for more than 20 years, the T-BOARD bodysurfing swimming aid brings a whole new dimension to the ancient sport of riding the waves. It may not be the 'classical' bodysurfing that purists love, but it is definitely fast and efficient and looks like fun, and if it catches on it could see a whole new craze sweeping the beaches of the world.

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