Today, T-Mobile outlined its plans to strengthen its LTE coverage and build a nationwide 5G network in the US by 2020.

Unlike the larger carriers Verizon and AT&T, which have outlined plans for a piecemeal rollout of mobile and fixed (wired) 5G networks in regional test areas using high-frequency bands, T-Mobile plans to make its 5G network nationwide from the start by leveraging multiple spectrum bands on its recently-acquired 600 MHz spectrum.

T-Mobile's 5G rollout is expected to start in 2019 with full nationwide coverage planned for 2020. By then, 5G-supporting chipsets and devices should be widespread and readily available, which is necessary for taking advantage of the new network technology.

Not only will 5G significantly boost smartphone connectivity speeds over the current 4G/LTE network technology, it is also expected to tout a higher capacity and lower latency. In turn, this makes 5G likely to connect many more devices beyond smartphones – with enough capacity and power for everything from low-power IoT devices to data-demanding AR/VR headsets.

Find out more about T-Mobile's strategy in the video below, featuring CEO John Legere.

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