Aalborg University

  • ​Could renewable sources meet 100 percent of our energy demand? Yes, according to new research which scrutinises the arguments against. “There are no roadblocks on the way to a 100-percent renewable future,” the research finds.
  • In a display of true awesomeness, researchers from the Drone Research Lab at Denmark's Aalborg University have built a catapult that fires hobby drones at a pork roast to find out more about the safety hazards posed by the tiny aircraft to people and property.
  • When we hear about exoskeletons, chances are that we either think of something that allows disabled users to walk again, or that gives wearers extraordinary strength. The AXO Suit project, however, is aimed at creating something else – an exoskeleton that simply allows seniors to stay active.
  • Researchers at Aalborg University, MIT and Caltech have developed a new technique that makes the nodes of a network much smarter and adaptable, leading to internet data speeds that could be as much as 10 times faster, making communication much more secure and surveillance-proof in the process.
  • A technique helping stroke victims regain their mobility has won the 2010 Danish Research Result of the Year award and is now attracting attention from investors keen to see the research move from the lab and into rehabilitation centers.