audi TT

  • In a world dominated by downsized, four-cylinder engines, Audi has staunchly stood by its five-cylinder turbo. The new TT RS joins the RS3 in offering the unique motor, but ramps up the power and torque for a supercar-scaring sprint to 100 km/h (62 mph).
  • Not long after it revealed the Q3 camping tent, Audi has presented another car-inspired mobile living space. Developed by industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, the TT Pavilion blends parts and design cues from the Audi TT into a futuristic field shelter.
  • At this week's Beijing Motor Show, Audi transformed its TT into an off-road-ready, AWD crossover based closely on the Allroad Shooting Brake concept. Audi hasn't announced any plans for a production car based on the TT offroad concept, but it's certainly hinting at the possibility.
  • Since 1998 Audi’s enigmatic sports coupe, the TT, has been one of the German firm's more unique offerings. With the unveiling of its third generation models at this week’s Geneva Motor Show, Audi has chosen to blend elements of the original TT with those of more current designs.