• The Porsche Cayman has joined the growing list of sports cars to adopt turbo power. The Cayman joins the Boxster in employing a downsized flat-four engine for a fatter torque curve and improved fuel economy, but whether it will sound and feel as thrilling as the outgoing car remains to be seen.​
  • Porsche is hitting the Los Angeles Auto Show in a big way this year and taking center stage is a drool-inducing gray and yellow beauty on four Michelins – the Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport.
  • Porsche has given its mid-engined Cayman the full-on GT treatment, with the new GT4. The race-focused Cayman shares some of its components with the 911 GT3, but eschews its double-clutch gearbox for a more involving six-speed manual transmission.