Compact PC

  • Desktop computers can get rather bulky, which is unnecessary for people who just need to access the internet or do office work. If a mini PC takes up too much space for you, the new Raspberry Pi 400 packs a whole home computer into just a keyboard.
  • CompuLab packed a lot of computer power into a compact frame for the first Airtop fanless computer back in 2016. Now the company has unveiled the second generation, the Airtop2, with Intel's latest Xeon processor and powerful discrete graphics. And it's designed to work in extreme temperatures.​
  • We've seen plenty of compact PCs in the past, but few are as tiny as the Mouse-Box. This new invention from a team of Polish engineers packs a fully-functioning computer into a mouse that you can hold in your hand, and the team is now looking for funding to be able to bring it to market.