Computex 2016

  • Getting VR-ready requires a pretty beefy rig, and there's usually an equally-beefy price tag attached. AMD is looking to lower that barrier with the US$199​ Radeon RX 480 graphics card.
  • At Computex 2016 in Taiwan this week, Intel announced a new line of high-end CPUs, including a beefy 10-core processor. The Core i7 processor Extreme Edition is designed for gaming in 4K and VR, as well as performance-hungry content creation like editing 4K or 360 videos.
  • Having taken aim at Apple with its new ZenBook, Asus set the crosshairs on Microsoft with its latest Transformer. With a keyboard, pen and chipset that will be familiar to anyone who's seen a Surface Pro 4, the Transformer 3 Pro looks like a powerful alternative to Microsoft's two-in-one offering.
  • In February, Qualcomm ushered in its SnapDragon Wear line with the 2100 SoC designed as the brain for multi-purpose wearable devices such as smartwatches. At Computex 2016 the company has extended the line with the SnapDragon Wear 1100 intended for smaller, targeted-purpose wearables.
  • Apple slashed the number of ports on its latest MacBook, resulting is a device that's just 13.1 mm (0.52 in) thick. HP decided to rework its hinges, giving us the 10.4-mm (0.41-in) thick Spectre. Asus is also getting "thin" on the act, with the new ultra-thin ZenBook 3 that slots in between the two.
  • The Zenbo home robot from Asus has been created to offer busy family members a helping hand with everyday tasks like keeping the kids entertained, controlling connected smart devices and providing recipe inspiration for mealtimes. The company also sees it acting as a remote guardian for the elderly.