Computex 2018

  • Flat touch-enabled surfaces that offer virtual keyboards when you need to type, and other functions when you don't, made a commercial appearance a couple of years ago when Lenovo launched the ambitious Yoga Book. Today, the company's Jeff Meredith gave an early look at the Yoga Book 2 at Computex.​​
  • Asus has revealed a new ZenBook featuring a touchscreen display in place of the mouse trackpad. The ScreenPad offers professionals a configurable toolbar and app launcher within an extended display module that doubles as a traditional mouse cursor control.
  • Razer opted to marry handheld playability and mobile communications with the launch of its Razer Phone back in November 2017. Now the gaming arm of Taiwan's Asus has entered its own gamer-specific smartphone into the battle arena, with the launch of the ROG Phone.​