Eclipse 2017

  • ​​The internet is alive with images of the spectacular solar eclipse on August 21, but here is one vantage point we haven't seen. As the darkness enveloped a huge swath of the United States, NASA's lunar orbiter snapped the Moon's shadow over around Nashville, Tennessee. ​
  • In case you weren't aware, the US will be experiencing a solar eclipse next week. There are plenty of ways to check it out, including using special glasses or via a pinhole projection. Now reclining in a car​ can be added to the list courtesy of the Volvo XC60 Panoramic Moonroof Eclipse Viewer.
  • When you're a mere mortal, watching the solar eclipse that will cut a path over the US on August 21 will likely involve standing in a field looking up through special glasses. When you're NASA-funded scientist however, the event entails jets outfitted with two high-tech telescopes.