Fire Phone

  • Amazon isn't exactly setting the world on fire with its Fire Phone. We didn't think the "gimmicky and overpriced phone" was worth picking up in our review, and the company is doing away with the second part of that issue now, as it has dropped the off-contract price to US$199.
  • Amazon is an innovative company. It practically created online shopping, popularized e-books and made the first mainstream budget tablet. Can the company now work its mojo on smartphones? Let's find out, as Gizmag reviews the Amazon Fire Phone.
  • Apple launched the iPhone seven years ago and the first flagship Android phones hit the scene four and a half years ago. But now Amazon is launching its first smartphone in mid-2014. Though we aren't ready to publish our review, we have the Amazon Fire Phone in house and have some early thoughts.
  • Amazon is pitching the Fire Phone as a fully-fledged rival to market big hitters like the LG G3, but it's also taking a slightly different approach to that of its rivals. Read on as Gizmag compares the two phones.
  • Before Amazon announced the Fire Phone, many suspected that it would carry budget pricing – a la the Kindle Fire. Well, that wasn't the case. But does Amazon's handset offer anything over one of the best smartphone values around, the Nexus 5? Let's compare their features and specs.
  • HTC has arguably made the best handset for two years in a row, but it's still struggling to stay afloat. Does Amazon even have a chance, jumping into the smartphone market this late in the game? Let's see if the features and specs of Amazon's new Fire Phone stack up to those of the HTC One (M8).
  • The Fire Phone is Amazon’s first, long-awaited foray into the already highly-saturated smartphone market. Read our full comparison to see how the device fares against Samsung’s mighty flagship Galaxy S5 handset.
  • After finding success with e-readers and tablets, Amazon is now digging its claws into smartphones. Are the Fire Phone's unique features enough to make it worth a look next to today's most popular handsets? Let's compare its features and specs to those of the iPhone 5s.
  • Amazon has announced its first foray into the competitive smartphone space in the form of the Fire Phone. The device is a largely high-end affair, packing some interesting features, chief among which is its Dynamic Perspective display tech and product scanning Firefly app.