• A new footbridge has been installed at Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, England, that replaces a land bridge lost over 500 years ago. The project consists of two sections of bridge that don't quite meet in the middle, creating a small gap at the center.
  • ​As we all know, finding a pair of shoes that fits isn't as simple as knowing your shoe size. Depending on the footwear, you might go half a size either way, or the shoes may simply not fit no matter what. A new 3D scanning system, however, is designed to take the guesswork out of the situation.
  • Footbridges rarely serve any purpose beyond getting people across an obstacle. Through clever planning, however, a new footbridge in Køge, Denmark, will create a major travel hub. The bridge at Køge North Station will do so by linking otherwise unconnected road and rail infrastructure.
  • Three guess how this novel footbridge design got its name: the O. Its distinctive ring supports the walkway it surrounds. In a sense this is two bridges in one. Two thirds of the bridge is suspended in order to span the entire width of the River Irwell, while the final third is supported by columns.