• When we pick up an object, we can adjust our grip if that object proves to be a slippery customer. ETH researchers have developed a sensor that could help robot grippers to do the same.
  • The beach ball-sized Beelzebufo (devil toad) lived 68 million years ago, and a new study suggests it may have dined on dinosaurs. By measuring the bite force of its living relatives, researchers were able to scale up their findings to estimate the jaw strength of the extinct big-mouthed behemoths.
  • Science
    With the development of a nano-scale optic fiber detector, UCSD researchers have created a tiny device so sensitive that it can detect the waves produced by swimming bacteria and hear the beating of individual muscle cells of the heart.
  • Scientists have quantified the force behind the mighty pincers of the coconut crab, finding that not only does the animal have the strongest pinching force of any crustacean, its claws might match it with the jaws of most land animals, too.