HTC U Ultra

  • ​It may not be a world-beating release, but HTC's U Ultra​ is the only significant high-end flagship smartphone to (so far) have been revealed in 2017. Let's see how it shapes up next to Lenovo's modular Moto Z​.
  • ​HTC has been as clear as mud on whether the new U Ultra is considered the company's main 2017 flagship, or just an experimental offshoot of its primary high-end line. Either way, let's see how the Ultra stacks up next to the firm's unquestioned 2016 flagship, the HTC 10.
  • We're used to seeing smartphone-makers copying the iPhone, but what isn't as common is seeing a new phone that's almost a direct copy of a slower-selling second-tier flagship. Let's compare the HTC U Ultra and LG V20.
  • ​If you’ve tried to snag a Google Pixel XL lately, you’re probably a bit frustrated: Both the Google Store and Verizon have sold out of the popular phablet. What’s a fan of big, high-end smartphones to do? Here are a few of the best alternatives.
  • ​HTC recently announced its 2017 flagship​, a mixed bag of high-end specs, outdated processor and Samsung design cues. Let's see how it sizes up next to the best value in mobile, the OnePlus 3T​.
  • ​Being offered online only (and not compatible with Verizon's or Sprint's networks) HTC's new U Ultra​​ isn't likely to register even a small fraction of iPhone sales numbers. But is the Ultra worth considering nonetheless?
  • While Google took all the credit, the company's Pixel​ and Pixel XL​ were manufactured by HTC. How does HTC's silent partner job​ stack up next to the company's upcoming 2017 flagship, the U Ultra​?
  • Through the years, HTC has faded from the mainstream smartphone spotlight: to the point where its 2017 flagship was introduced via press release, and will be sold online-only. Let's see how that phone, the HTC U Ultra​, sizes up next to the nearly-year-old Samsung Galaxy S7 edge​.