iPhone 5C

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  • If you're shopping for a new iPhone this holiday season, Apple has two new handsets to choose from. The iPhone 5s is the higher-end model, but are its upgrades worth an extra US$100? Let Gizmag help, as we go hands-on to help you decide whether you're better off with the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c.
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  • Every year since 2007, Apple released one new iPhone at a time. But this year marked the company's first foray into multiples, as the colorful iPhone 5c joined the lineup. Are pastel colors reason enough to buy one phone over another? Let Gizmag help you answer that, as we review the new iPhone 5c.
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  • 2013 'tis the season for colorful smartphones. Though Nokia's Lumia line was rocking eye-catching colors for the last couple of years, this year Motorola's Moto X and Apple's iPhone 5c are joining the pastel party. But which is the better buy? Let Gizmag lend a hand, as we put the two head-to-head.
  • Apple revealed the most colorful of its smartphones to date: the iPhone 5c. Apple's latest smart device was designed especially with the new iOS 7 in mind and boasts a slew of new features.