• What could be more fun than roaring around tarmac driving a go-kart? Going off-road of course. And that's what's being offered by Marcel Beltran and his French Kart – an all-electric, all-terrain thrill machine that's been in development since 2012.
  • Tesla has already demonstrated the performance potential of electric power in cars, but the technology hasn't made the same splash in the world of go karting. But that looks set to change with Canada-based Daymak using battery power to develop what it claims will be the "world's fastest go-kart".
  • The March CE Primary School is located just a few minutes' walk from Rolls-Royce headquarters. Last year, the two parties teamed up on a Rolls-Royce-badged electric go-kart, and this year they've come up with a more refined design named "March 2 Glory."
  • The PlyFly Go-Kart is a flatpack go-kart that's powered by a 4-stroke engine. The wooden vehicle can be assembled in just a few hours, and promises speeds of up to 25 mph (40 km/h). It's currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign.
  • Karting is now mandatory preparation for an F1 driver. All current F1 drivers raced karts with Alonso and Vettel starting at three, and Hamilton at four years of age. With memorabilia prices soaring, auctioneers are finding it hard to value the kart Senna drove in the 1981 world karting champs.