Kaunas University of Technology

  • Although it's unlikely that many people would think of wood-fired hot tubs as being "green" products overall, some of the things are certainly more eco-friendly than others. Such is the case with a new tub, that's already on sale in Europe.
  • ​Atrial fibrillation is the most common type of irregular heartbeat, potentially leading to serious outcomes such as strokes if left untreated. Unfortunately, it's difficult to detect in its early stages. An international team of scientists is hoping to help, with a prototype wrist-worn device.
  • No matter how watchful of an eye parents may keep on their small children, it's still possible for those kids to fall into swimming pools, lakes or other bodies of water. The Buddy Life-Collar was designed for such incidents, as it automatically inflates to keep its wearer's head above the surface.
  • ​According to Boeing, 13 percent of all fatal aircraft accidents happen during takeoff. In some cases, it's because the plane goes off the end of the runway before becoming airborne. A new portable device is designed to keep that from happening.
  • ​The plastic film usually used in food packaging is difficult to recycle, and it stays in landfills for many years after disposal. Scientists from Lithuania's Kaunas University of Technology have developed a new food wrap that's not only biodegradable, but it should also keep food fresh for longer.