Lab grown meat

  • Although lab-grown meat could be a more ethical, eco-friendly alternative to the "real" thing, its texture still leaves something to be desired. That may be about to change, though, thanks to the use of edible gelatin scaffolds.
  • An experiment on the International Space Station reveals the potential for generating consistent supplies of meat for future deep space missions.
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    Are there any animal products in that veggie burger? To avoid confusion several states in America have passed new food labeling laws to make sure only animal products can be called meat, burgers or sausages. But a torrent of lawsuits are pushing back arguing these regulations are unconstitutional.
  • Israel-based Aleph Farms has just unveiled the world's first lab-grown steak. This milestone on the road to bringing a cruelty-free meat product to the market demonstrates, for the first time, the technology's ability to imitate the flavor, shape, texture and structure of a classic beef steak.
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    ​​Getting a fake burger to taste like the real thing is no mean feat. The Impossible Burger brings a meaty flavor to its plant-sourced patties with one key, and controversial, ingredient, which has just been recognized as safe by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).​