LG V20

  • The G6 and V20 are the most recent premium flagships from LG. The newer G6 abandoned its previous generation's modular approach in favor of a glassy build and a striking display, while the V20 is a hefty phablet that caters to audiophiles. Here's how they square off.
  • We're used to seeing smartphone-makers copying the iPhone, but what isn't as common is seeing a new phone that's almost a direct copy of a slower-selling second-tier flagship. Let's compare the HTC U Ultra and LG V20.
  • ​If you’ve tried to snag a Google Pixel XL lately, you’re probably a bit frustrated: Both the Google Store and Verizon have sold out of the popular phablet. What’s a fan of big, high-end smartphones to do? Here are a few of the best alternatives.
  • If you're shopping for an Android smartphone this holiday season, two of your best options are Google's Pixel XL​ and the LG V20​. While the Pixel is probably the better all-around choice, the V20 will better serve some customers. Let's compare their features and specs.
  • One trait that's gone largely ignored by the A-list smartphone makers is Hi-Fi audio. LG’s end-of-year flagship, the V20, can not only deliver truly remarkable headphone sound; it also stands as a well-rounded smartphone powerhouse.