Los Angeles Motor Show 2016

  • Porsche might have received criticism when it released the first-generation Panamera, but the release of the second-generation model have refined the formula. The (now) very pretty Panamera has been treated to two new models: an entry level V6 and a new range-topping, long-wheelbase Executive.
  • Although they're perfectly legal in Europe, a law from 1968 means laser lights can't be fitted to American cars without being heavily modified. The R8 V10 Plus Exclusive Edition is the first Audi to sport US-friendly laser headlamps, packed in with a list of upgrades to the standard R8 package.
  • Since 2001, BMW has aggressively expanded the range of cars wearing a Mini badge. Coupes and funky vans have joined the classic hatch, but no car signals a bigger departure from the compact simplicity of the original Sir Alec Issigonis' Mini than the latest Countryman SUV.