• Scientists at MIT have devised a new algorithm that suggests almost all of the city's 14,000 or so taxis could be replaced by just 3,000 ride-sharing vehicles, all without significantly impacting travel time.
  • For nearly two years, a dashboard-mounted glowing moustache has helped Lyft users identify the service's cars. The problem is, this doesn't help identify whether it's your Lyft car. Enter the Amp: a new LED light that will display different colors and messages to help Lyft users spot their ride.
  • Lyft co-founder John Zimmer has outlined the ride-sharing company's vision for the next 10 years and beyond. Zimmer believes we're on the cusp of a transportation revolution, with the rise of ride-sharing and autonomous vehicles set to change the physical environments of our cities.
  • Back at the start of the year, General Motors (GM) and ride-sharing service Lyft announced a partnership to develop a network of on-demand autonomous vehicles. The first fruit of that partnership is not focused on autonomy, but allows Lyft drivers to hire GM cars at affordable rates.
  • With the likes of Google moving into the auto industry by way of autonomous driving tech, General Motors (GM) has bet big on Lyft. The carmaker will invest US$500 million to help grow the ride-sharing service. The "long-term strategic alliance" will include the development of autonomous vehicles.