Malloy Aeronautics

  • Given that small-ish drones are already being used to deliver small packages, wouldn't it stand to reason that giant drones could deliver large loads? That's just what BAE Systems is looking into, with its proposed T-650 Heavy Lift Electric UAS.
  • ​What started as crazy DIY project in an Australian backyard six years ago has now blossomed into a cutting-edge aircraft for the US Army, with military officials showing off a version of Malloy Hoverbike in flight.
  • Malloy Aeronautics has been busy in the last 10 months, today announcing a partnership with a Maryland-based military research firm to develop its Hoverbike vehicle for the US Department of Defense. Gizmag caught up with the Hoverbike team at the 2015 Paris Air Show.
  • With the Hoverbike quadcopter drone-based Kickstarter project already a success, we took the opportunity to head down to the Malloy Aeronautics workshop to take a look at that quadcopter, and the work-in-progress manned craft.
  • Malloy Aeronautics revealed its Hoverbike back in 2011, and has been busy refining the design ever since. Thanks to its Kickstarter campaign, you can get your hands on a working 1/3rd scale version of the vehicle, while helping the team in the development of the manned vehicle.