Malloy Aeronautics

  • ​What started as crazy DIY project in an Australian backyard six years ago has now blossomed into a cutting-edge aircraft for the US Army, with military officials showing off a version of Malloy Hoverbike in flight.
  • Malloy Aeronautics has been busy in the last 10 months, today announcing a partnership with a Maryland-based military research firm to develop its Hoverbike vehicle for the US Department of Defense. Gizmag caught up with the Hoverbike team at the 2015 Paris Air Show.
  • With the Hoverbike quadcopter drone-based Kickstarter project already a success, we took the opportunity to head down to the Malloy Aeronautics workshop to take a look at that quadcopter, and the work-in-progress manned craft.
  • Malloy Aeronautics revealed its Hoverbike back in 2011, and has been busy refining the design ever since. Thanks to its Kickstarter campaign, you can get your hands on a working 1/3rd scale version of the vehicle, while helping the team in the development of the manned vehicle.