• After over ten years in space, the MESSENGER mission will soon come to an end because it's running out of fuel but, mission control has come up with a novel plan that will use the helium used to pressurize MESSENGER's engine to give it another month of life.
  • NASA's unmanned MESSENGER orbiter has uncovered evidence that the planet Mercury is subject to the same sort of periodic meteor showers as the Earth, only instead of a light show, it produces a spike in calcium in the planet's exosphere.
  • Skype has introduced a new video messaging app known as Qik that aims to compete with popular sharing service Snapchat. The app lets users exchange short videos, as well as create and store five second GIFs for quick and easy responses.
  • Facebook no longer offers a Windows desktop instant messaging client of its own. Users can, however, still use third-party applications to connect to Facebook chat from their desktops. Gizmag takes a look at a selection of options for connecting to Facebook Chat from the desktop.
  • If the midweek hump has you in a contemplative spirits, this image of Earth as pictured by Cassini from Saturn may offer a little context. The Earth and the Moon appear to be seemingly insignificant specks from the perspective of the spacecraft from its orbit around the gas giant.