Paris Motor Show 2016

  • ​The automotive extravaganza that is the Paris Motor Show wraps up on Sunday, so it's time for a quick look back at the cream of the cars that caught our eye during the 2016 event.
  • Along with a gaggle of long range electric vehicles, the Paris Motor Show served as a launchpad for a Korean revolution, led by the new Hyundai i30 and Kia Rio. Check out some upcoming production vehicles as well as a few highlights from the world of motorsport in our gallery.
  • Mitsubishi previewed the GT-PHEV concept earlier this month ahead of a Paris Motor Show debut, but it left some key details for the official world premiere. With Paris underway, Mitsubishi has done the full dive, releasing powertrain details and opening the doors.
  • Along with high-riding hatchbacks and conventional family wagons, a wave of coupe-style crossovers focusing on style has flooded the streets, led by the BMW X6. The latest car to try and plug new niches is the BMW X2 Concept, a slicker take on the practical X1 SUV.
  • Amid the electric launches at the Paris Motor Show, there was still room for a few old-fashioned petrol-powered sports cars. Audi used the Mondial l'Automobile to launch a new RS3 sedan, which eschews a trendy downsized four-cylinder engine for a raucous five-cylinder, and the race-ready RS3 LMS.
  • This year’s Paris Motor Show played host to electric debuts from Mercedes and Volkswagen, but they weren’t the only ones to make a big battery-powered push. The new GLM G4 might boast supercar performance, but its four doors and sumptuous cabin mean the whole family can come along for the ride.
  • With plenty of exciting design studies and racy variants to keep electric aficionados and old-fashioned gear heads happy, the 2016 Paris Motor Show isn't leaving the future behind. Take a flick through our gallery the cream of the concept car crop.
  • Along with Volkswagen, Mercedes used the 2016 Mondial l'Automobile to uncover its big production electric vehicle. Even though it has a fairly regular SUV silhouette, the Generation EQ debuts a new platform for the three-pointed star, and will be on the market in 2020. ​
  • Ferrari snuck the world a look at a convertible LaFerrari back in July, and now it's rolled the car out in Paris, revealing more about its design and performance, as well as the name: LaFerrari Aperta. One of the world's great hypercars can be enjoyed with top or without - without missing a beat.
  • With the all-new UX concept, Lexus explores the future of the compact SUV, playing with boldly juxtaposed styling and high-tech interior design. Prescient or just plain weird?
  • ​It might be difficult to tell from a distance, but you're looking at the brand-new Audi Q5. With a stronger, lighter body and a new set of efficient powertrains, it aims to take the luxurious feeling from the Q7 and scales it down for families who don't need seven seats and a gargantuan boot. ​
  • Honda has used the Paris Motor Show to throw off its beige cardigan, taking the sensible Civic Hatch and turning it into the winged creation you see here. Designed to preview the next generation of Civic hot-hatches, the Type-R Prototype appeals to the boy racer living in every petrolhead.
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