• Singular Sound has revealed a smaller, cheaper and slightly less capable version of its ultra-realistic drummer-in-a-stomp BeatBuddy pedal. The Mini retains many of its bigger sibling's key features, but the sound quality has taken a slight hit and there are fewer songs to choose from.
  • The creators of DrumPants, the wireless device that converts your pants into a wearable MIDI controller and music sequencer, are running a beta test program that uses DrumPants sensor strips to control smart appliances and to give a voice to those who have none (through a connected mobile app).
  • Designers from the Yamaha Corporation and the Yamaha Motor Co have changed places for a special project called Ah A May (that's Yamaha backwards). Let's have a look at the part of the project where folks from the motorcycle design house were let loose on a pair of percussion instruments.
  • It's been another strong year for instrument innovation, making the task of choosing a top five quite a challenge. Join Gizmag as we take a look back at some of the top groove gadgets of the last 12 months.
  • When musician David Packouz couldn't find a stomp-based drum machine that didn't sound, well, like a drum machine or one that could provide fills, changes and accent hits on the fly, he set about designing and building his own. Gizmag reviews the BeatBuddy drum machine pedal.
  • Teenage cajon maker Stephen Henderson has designed and built a new series of wooden box with a 5-way snare lock mechanism and integrated kick pedal.
  • With what's got to be one of the shortest campaign pitches on Kickstarter, Ken McCaw is putting second production run hopes for his Hammer Jammer percussive guitar attachment in the hands of players.
  • In 15 years as a percussionist with British electronica band Faithless, Sudha Kheterpal has exerted her fair share of energy. She has now teamed up with designers and engineers to develop Spark, a shaker that harnesses kinetic energy to bring power to the developing world.
  • Akai has revealed its new Rhythm Wolf analog drum machine and bass synth with built-in sequencing at Musikmesse in Frankfurt this week. And yes, it comes with a sonic howl feature.
  • Science
    Professor Gil Weinberg of Georgia Tech's Center for Music Technology has developed a twin-sticked robotic prosthesis for music student Jason Barnes, who lost his right forearm in an accident 2 years ago. One stick can be completely controlled by the player, but the other "has a mind of its own."
  • Featuring over 200 songs, and 10 different drum kits, the Beatbuddy guitar pedal drum machine from David Packouz puts control of the beat at your feet, leaving your hands free to get on with some serious shredding.
  • Roland has released its most versatile and powerful HandSonic digital hand percussion instrument to date, the HPD-20. The device features the company's SuperNatural sound engine, 13 velocity-sensitive silicone pads, and 850 instrument sounds.