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  • Nanofibers have found use in numerous applications, ranging from lightweight car parts to high-strength materials. Now, thanks to a new understanding of a certain group of spiders, they may soon be easier to work with.
  • Computer data commutes from the system memory to the processor, but now researchers have found a way to help that data effectively work from home. The team is developing chips that can process information where it’s stored, potentially allowing for faster, smaller and more efficient devices.
  • Although Amazon has announced plans to launch a drone-based delivery service, it looks like DHL Parcel is about to get there first. This week, the courier company announced that it will begin using its unmanned DHL Parcelcopter to deliver pharmaceuticals to the small island of Juist.
  • Science
    Even though a mature pomelo fruit can weigh up to 2 kg, they remain intact after falling from heights of over 10 meters. The secret lies in the structure of their peel. Scientists have copied that structure, to produce a new type of aluminum composite that's stronger than straight aluminum.