Samsung Galaxy Alpha

  • Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy Alpha, marks Samsung's first foray into the world of metals (well, sort of). The Samsung Galaxy S5 mini, meanwhile, is is more in line with previous Samsung releases. Let's compare the two phones' features and specs.
  • The HTC One (M8) and Samsung Galaxy Alpha are notably different handsets. The former offers an expansive display, aluminium build and top-tier internals, while the latter opts for a style-over-specs mentality that we've rarely seen from Samsung. Read on as Gizmag compares the two handsets.
  • Every time Samsung announces a plastic smartphone, throngs of fans beg the company to make something a bit more premium-feeling. With the new Galaxy Alpha, Samsung finally delivered ... sort of. Let's pit the partially metal Galaxy Alpha against the aluminum iPhone 5s.
  • They might both be made by Samsung, but the Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy S5 are notably different devices. While the S5 places an emphasis on high-end internals and an expansive display, the Alpha is more interested in being a stylish and (comparatively) compact handset with solid internals.
  • Samsung has announced its latest smartphone offering in the form of the Galaxy Alpha. The handset’s focus on a solid, stylish build at the expense of top-tier internals is something of a paradox – and represents a slight shift in focus for the company.