Samsung Galaxy S5 mini

  • Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy Alpha, marks Samsung's first foray into the world of metals (well, sort of). The Samsung Galaxy S5 mini, meanwhile, is is more in line with previous Samsung releases. Let's compare the two phones' features and specs.
  • Between these handsets, it’s no secret that the fully blown Samsung Galaxy S5 is the more capable of the two, though you might be surprised how many of its high-end features the S5 mini retains. Read on as Gizmag compares two of the Korean firm’s biggest handsets for 2014.
  • Samsung has announced its latest smartphone in the form of the Galaxy S5 mini - a scaled down version of its popular S5 flagship. The device offers mid-range specs in a thin and light form factor, and holds on to stand-out features including a fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor.