Solar Impulse 2

  • To​ ​the​ ​squeal​ ​of​ ​bagpipes​ ​and​ ​the​ ​beating​ ​of​ ​drums,​ ​Solar​ ​Impulse​ ​2​ ​today​ ​completed​ ​its round-the-world​ ​voyage​ ​at​ ​8:05​ ​pm​ ​EDT​ ​(July​ ​26​ ​00:05​ ​GMT) as it​ ​alighted​ ​on​ ​the​ ​tarmac​ ​of​ ​Al​ ​Bateen​ ​Executive​ ​Airport outside Abu Dhabi ​
  • ​Solar Impulse 2 completed the penultimate leg of its solar-powered global circumnavigation today, touching down at Cairo International Airport at 10:13 pm PDT (5:14 GMT). With pilot André Borschberg at the controls, the single-seater aircraft landed after leaving Seville, Spain two days ago.
  • Solar Impulse 2 has begun the penultimate leg of its round-the-world flight. Today at 9:22 pm PDT (4:22 GMT), the single-seater, solar-powered aircraft took off in the predawn darkness from Seville, Spain on course for Cairo, Egypt, with pilot André Borschberg at the controls​.
  • Solar Impulse 2 has flown into the history books again as it completed the first solar-powered flight across the Atlantic. With Bertrand Piccard at the controls, the single-seater aircraft touched down in Seville, Spain at 7:38 am local time.
  • ​​Solar Impulse 2 has taken off from New York on the next leg of its around the world journey, which will take the record-breaking zero fuel aircraft across the Atlantic to Europe.
  • ​​Solar Impulse 2 completed crossing the United States early Saturday with a flight over the Statue of Liberty and landing at New York's JFK airport.
  • Solar Impulse 2 has completed the 13th leg of its solar-powered around the world flight, touching down at LeHigh Valley International Airport in Pennsylvania. The single-seater aircraft reached its destination at 8:49 pm CDT after a near 17-hour flight from Dayton, Ohio.
  • Yesterday, the Solar Impulse team announced that the solar-powered aircraft could be grounded for several days after an incident with its custom inflatable hangar. However, no damage was found and Solar Impulse 2 left Dayton at 4.02 am local time today on its way to Pennsylvania.
  • Solar Impulse 2 is temporarily grounded in Dayton, Ohio after a minor accident involving the minor collapse of its inflatable hangar that resulted in the craft being lightly touched by the hangar fabric. The airplane will now spend several days on the ground as engineers search for damage.
  • Solar Impulse 2 has touched down in Dayton, Ohio, on the latest leg of its global circumnavigation flight. With André Borschberg at the controls, the single-seater solar-powered aircraft landed at Dayton International Airport after 16 hours and 34 minutes in the air.
  • With a night landing at Tulsa Airport, Solar Impulse 2 completed the 11th leg of its solar-electric circumnavigation. With Bertrand Piccard at the controls the aircraft touched down at approximately 11:15 pm CDT after a slight delay due to a slow ascent caused by the aircraft's low power.
  • A little over a week after pilot Bertrand Piccard touched down at Moffett Airfield in Mountain View, California, Solar Impulse 2 has taken off again. This time the aircraft has André Borschberg in command and will head toward Phoenix Goodyear in Arizona.
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