Tokai University

  • ​Like true "flying fish," the ribbon halfbeak has large pectoral fins that it uses like wings to escape aquatic predators. Unlike them, however, it lacks a set of winglike pelvic fins, which add much-needed rear stability while in flight. So, how does it manage? It all comes down to a twist.
  • Even with advances in gels and dressings, burns remain a difficult injury to treat. But researchers from Japan's Tokai University have developed a new ultra-thin material that clings to those trickier locations, while also serving to ward off infectious bacteria.
  • Delft University's Nuon Solar Team has won the Challenger class of the World Solar Challenge. Its solar-powered Nuna 7 vehicle arrived in Adelaide at 10:03 a.m. on the morning of the fifth day of the event, crossing Australia from north coast to south in a total of a little over 33 hours.
  • Team Tokai has just reached the "Finish of Timing" checkpoint north of Adelaide, Australia, in the 2011 World Solar Challenge.