University of Southern Denmark

  • Science
    The jellyfish has experienced a population explosion in recent years, to the point that they sometimes have to be culled. It seems like a waste to just dump them, though. With that in mind, a scientist has developed a method of turning them into a potato chip-like food.​
  • Scientists have developed a fluorescent material they claim can more reliably detect explosives in the vicinity, by being a bit more selective about when it changes color.
  • Science
    Scientists from the University of Southern Denmark have created a substance that is able to absorb and store oxygen in such high concentrations that just one bucketful is enough to remove all of the oxygen in a room. The stored oxygen is able to be released in a controlled manner when it is needed.
  • Researchers at the University of Southern Denmark have published the findings of a study on a non-invasive method for early diagnosis of stomach ulcers. The method utilizes synthetic molecules that react with the bacteria which causes ulcers, producing a green light in the stomach as a result.