Venus Express

  • A new study suggests that Venus may not be as geologically dead as we thought. Infrared spectra and laboratory work show that there may be volcanic activity on the planet, with some lava flows being only a few years old.
  • Earlier missions to Venus have shown that the surface bears the unmistakable scarring of fierce, ancient volcanic activity. Now ESA's Venus Express spacecraft has found the best evidence of active lava flows on Venus.
  • The European Space Agency's (ESA) eight-year Venus Express mission has come to an end. According to ESA, the spacecraft has exhausted its fuel and can no longer hold the correct attitude to maintain communications with Earth meaning it will soon burn up in the Venusian atmosphere.
  • The European Space Agency's Venus Express unmanned probe is being put through a series of maneuvers in hopes that its remaining fuel can push the spacecraft into a higher orbit and give it a bit more life before it plunges into the Venusian atmosphere.
  • Facing the alternative of a fiery death, the ESA’s Venus Express orbiter has completed a daring atmosphere-skimming maneuver that has extended the life of the unmanned explorer by several months.