• Last week the US Senate voted to overturn rules preventing ISPs from selling user's web browsing data without opt-in permissions. The controversial vote was a major win for ISPs who were arguing that the new regulations could stifle their ability to compete in the digital advertising marketplace.
  • With the number of companies marketing VPNs skyrocketing, making an informed decision is harder than ever. We've evaluated four of the leading commercial VPN providers – IPVanish, ExpressVPN, NordVPN and PrivateInternetAccess. Here's who we recommend.
  • When using public Wi-Fi, we don’t often think about the sensitive data that our phones, tablets and laptops are constantly transmitting. What exactly are the risks of using public Wi-Fi? How can you keep your data and devices secure?
  • ​IPVanish is the leading VPN service provider on the planet. With their easy-to-use apps and award-winning service, New Atlas subscribers can secure any internet connection in a matter of moments.​