Tambour doors on computer cabinets or home entertainment units—even innovative ones like Lista Office's Mindport—are fairly common, but designer Michael Bambino has put a new spin on the concept with a computer desk called simply Tambour Table. Managing to be both stylish and practical, Tambour Table is designed to make for clutter-free computing, which will likely appeal to those with minimalist sensibilities.

Bambino's Tambour Table is, at first sight, a very simple computer table, but the outward simplicity masks a secret contained within. The wooden top isn't as flat and smooth as it initially appears to be, as it actually has tambour corners which fall away as the tabletop is pivoted diagonally.

This design means the unsightly-though-necessary components of everyday computing (such as power source, USB connections, and keyboard and mouse) can all be hidden away in the recess under the tabletop. Further cementing the minimalist feel is the lead running down the inside of one of the table's legs. Any leads for the components sitting on the table can be fed through the small cutout at the back.

The tambour effect means that this table can sit almost flush against a wall, something that isn't possible with a table topped with just any movable board. The video embedded below shows Tambour Table in greater detail, as it is manipulated to suit the user's needs. There is no word yet on Tambour Table being released commercially, but with it receiving attention from a number of respected design journals it remains a possibility.

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