Recording guitarists who want to fatten up a guitar sound can record multiple identical riffs and layer them up to give richer tones. In a live setting, such things are not so easy and even if doubling, tripling or quadrupling is achieved, the end results can be a far cry from the mix back at the studio. Denmark's TC Electronic is promising authentic monster tones every time from its Mimiq Doubler stomp.

Though there are guitar effects units, such as a chorus pedal, or techniques like programming at tight delay that can be used to beef up the sound of a guitar, they can sound a little artificial and simply can't match the organic tones produced by doubling in a studio mix. TC Electronic says that its proprietary algorithm is capable of perfectly recreating the subtle random changes in time, pitch and attack of studio double-tracking for a more realistic effect.

Exactly how many mini tone clones are fired at once is determined by the position of a switch to the top left of the unit, with players able to instantly add another guitar track to the mix, add two tracks or even dial in three for a four guitar wall of sound. There's a knob for controlling how tight or laid back and loose the effect is, a Dry knob deals with the mix of the original signal through the pedal, and an Effect knob controls the doubling blend.

The stomp also caters for a stereo setup, allowing for cool left/middle/right three track solos or expansive two left/two right four guitar rhythm crunch. The Mimiq Doubler runs on a 9 V battery (supplied) or an optional power adapter, and is priced at US$129.99. Have a look at the metal-driven promo video below to see and hear it in action.

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