Sweden's Teenage Engineering, best known for its versatile but pricey OP-1 synthesizer (which starts at US$849.00), has unveiled a line of three new synths dubbed Pocket Operator. The pocketable instruments will set you back just $59 when they launch this week.

Each of the three Pocket Operator models leaves little to the imagination, with components and circuit board left visible. The PO-12 drum machine, PO-14 bass synth, and PO-16 lead-synth all feature a 16-step sequencer, LCD screen, built-in speaker, alarm clock, and a line in and out.

The synths also have a set of effects, including filters, bit-crusher, delay, and stutter. Each is powered by a couple of AAA batteries and features a basic stand made from bent wire.

Teenage Engineering is launching the Pocket Operator line in collaboration with Swedish clothing label Cheap Monday, which is selling some related gear, including badges, t-shirts, and a case.

The Pocket Operator will be available directly from Teenage Engineering's website as of January 22, at which time we can probably expect some product videos showing it in action. Selected retailers will be receiving the synths from February.

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