Italian design is renowned for being both bold and daring, with an eye for quality too. The Teti Extreme Loudspeakers from Book of Music are no exception. Named after the Greek sea nymph Thetis, mother of Achilles, the twisted towers stand some 4.75 feet (1.45 meters) high and sport a couple of high end Scan-Speak drivers. The structure is made up of identical modules rotating about a vertical axis, and is said to be the result of much tweaking and refinement to ensure that the drivers maintain a balanced phase relationship.

Over two years in development and designed as much to please the eye as the ear, the Teti Extreme Louspeakers benefit from a machined aluminum 1-inch ring radiator tweeter with SD-2 neodymium motor, non-resonant aluminum chamber and multiple chamber low compression design. The mid-woofer is a 6.5-inch sliced paper cone driver with low-loss linear suspension and an SD-1 motor. The so-called "no conventional enclosure" is claimed to result in a frequency response from 38Hz to 40kHz (± 2dB) with 89 dB efficiency.

Each unit weighs over 125 pounds (57kg) and has a 1.24 x 1.31 foot (380 x 400 mm) footprint. Pricing doesn't even get a mention on the company's website, but Ultimate AV Mag lists the standard finish as costing US$9,920, with a special liquid rubber edition rising to US$10,481 and custom jobs adding even more to the price.

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