A new public park and trail system will open in the US city of Chicago this weekend. The 606, so-called because of the Chicago ZIP code prefix, is built on the former route of the Bloomingdale Line railway track. Its centerpiece is a 2.7-mi (4.3 km) elevated recreation and culture trail.

There are, of course, similarities between The 606 and the New York's well-known High Line. Despite the High Line having been opened before The 606, though, it is thought the idea for The 606 was conceived earlier.

What distinguishes The 606 from the High Line and other similar projects like the Sydney Goods Line and the Miami Underline is its integration with other community destinations. In addition to connecting four neighborhoods in the city, the trail will link six neighborhood parks at ground level.

The aim of the 606 is to provide Chicagoans with an alternative transportation corridor, a living work of art and new green space. it is designed for use by casual visitors, walkers, joggers and cyclists and will feature art installations and event spaces.

The 606 broke ground in August 2013. It opens on Saturday June 6 with a special day of celebrations, including ribbon cuttings, processions, an Illumination Hour at dusk and temporary art installations.

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