We’re definitely fans of recycling here at Gizmag, but The Attendant is recycling in a way we've rarely seen – and might not want to see again. When London residents Pete Tomlinson and Ben Russell saw a "For Rent" sign outside a disused underground Victorian restroom, they were for some reason inspired to transform the space into a chic urban coffee shop.

No doubt after an intense industrial strength plus clean, the pair started work on the café and even went to the lengths of restoring many of the toilet’s original features, including the tiled walls, flooring and 1890s Doulton & Paisley urinals. The urinals have been polished up and converted into bench style seating for local patrons. While the remodel is quite innovative, we’d hesitate before ordering any cakes.

Suitably named “The Attendant,” the café opened last month and curious (or should I say courageous) Londoners can find it located underground on Foley Street in Fitzrovia.

Source: The Attendant via PSFK

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