March 4, 2009 Ever since the first incarnations of what was to become the modern bicycle rolled through European streets in the early 1800s, anyone astride two-wheel transport has faced a common problem - a sore derriere. Stylyx has addressed this problem with the introduction of its new range of road bikes which include a uniquely shaped seat and upright riding position.

A change in bike design

Stylyx has taken a radical approach to redesign their new range of road bikes with the focus on reducing the seat-soreness and back strain that puts many people off riding.

“The final solution involved developing new patented design technology for the bike frame and applying a ‘seat integrated' approach to each bike's design, where a specific seat shape is integrated with frame geometry and rider-positioning from the very outset of the design process," said Stylyx Managing Director, Peter Clutton.

The end result

The seat

The uniquely shaped Stylyx bike seat is designed to remove the pressure and chafing of the inner thighs whilst providing an unhindered leg action to make full use of pedaling power.

“The seat provides correct anatomical support through the buttocks (with no body contact at the riders central crotch area) and removes the lower back strain brought on by "pelvic float" (lateral movement when pedaling),” said Stylyx.

The frame design and riding position

The frame design positions the rider in an upright position, with the rider's bodyweight directly over the seat, eliminating the "bent spine" riding position and correspondingly reducing the risk of back pain or injury. This positioning, combined with the correct support from the bike seat, is designed to produce a much healthier riding position.

The Stylyx positions the rider lower and well behind the pedals to produce an energy efficient pedaling position making pedaling easier. The patented "Personal Positioning System" (PPS), allows every rider to adjust the riding position to suit personal differences in leg length, arm length, and body length and achieve the ideal riding position for his/her physique. Placing the rider in a lower position also makes it easier for the feet to reach the ground when stopping and the step through frame enables getting on and off the bicycle easier with starting off smoother and requiring less effort.

Wrap up

Combined with a simple 5-speed, twist shift gears, an internal hub-gear system and drum brakes, the Stylyx should provide for a more pain free riding experience, attracting more of our aging and overweight population to a healthier and fun filled lifestyle.

David Greig

Via: Stylyx.

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