The word "grand" just doesn't seem to cut it when describing this piano. The Whaletone's beautiful design evokes its sea-going namesake slowly emerging from the water and combines this with the technology of a high-end professional stage instrument in a way that's likely to appeal to both music and design connoisseurs.

The amazing instrument was exhibited in April, during Design Week in Milan, where it was seen by over 150,000 visitors. In some respects rather conservative, Whaletone shows there's a way to rethink classic design without changing it into a postmodern, unintelligible blob.

At its heart is a flagship Roland stage piano with built-in list of 500 sounds. Specifically, it uses Roland's SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine to generate the authentic sound of a string piano. There's also a PHA III Ivory Feel keyboard and some optional features such as a CD player, software to add sound modules, an LED display and an internal sound processor.

The person responsible for creating Whaletone is a notable Polish designer Robert Majkut, who specializes in luxurious interiors. Among these is the most expensive cinema interior in Beijing, China and closer to home, the cinema located in the Zlote Tarasy mall, in Warsaw.

There is a variety of ways to customize Whaletone including colors, gloss, material selection or individual adornments ... there's even a striking bright pink option.

The piano's price tag is not yet announced, but orders are being taken on Whaletone's website.

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