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The Metz Primus 55 FHDTV 200 twin R – the TV with the lot

The Metz Primus 55 FHDTV 200 twin R – the TV with the lot
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The Metz Primus 55 FHDTV 200 twin R was shown for the first time at IFA in Berlin yesterday and it’ll be as close to the state-of-the-art all-purpose TV when it goes on sale in November. As brilliant (200 Hz, 1920 x 1080, LED and backlight with Local Area Dimming) as the 55 inch picture is, it’s the connectivity (integrated HDTV tuner, DVB-C and DVB-T), separate sound module and 500 GB digital recorder (PVR) which makes it very special – open the back and there’s a circuit board designed for easy removal and upgrading. They’re the first to do it and won’t be the last!

Now 500 GB of storage space means more than enough recording capacity for enjoying television without any time constraints, as this translates to 100 hours of HDTV quality and up to 500 hours of SD-TV quality.

The Primus 55 FHDTV 200 R twin has a double-sided, anti-reflective contrast filter screen and a separate sound module. Depending on your personal taste, the Primus can be a free-standing unit in the room on the (exquisite) floor stand, or it can be placed on a support of your choice with its table base.

The wall solution, with or without a sound module, is an additional variation as the Primus can be reduced entirely to its picture functions. The audio module was deliberately waived to enable use of a high-quality, external hi-fi or Surround Sound system.

The integrated, high-definition television (HDTV) really comes into its own in a very impressive way via cable (DVB-S2). The Primus 55 FHDTV can be retrofitted for satellite reception. Thanks to the 200 hertz technology with scanning backlight and mecavisionHD+ technology, fast motion sequences are smooth and extremely sharp and brilliant. The black levels are particularly intensive and contrasts are displayed even better, due to the LED backlight technology with Local Area Dimming. With this technology, the entire area of the screen is not dimmed, rather individual LED light source areas are controlled automatically and independently of each other. This reduces the television’s energy consumption and clearly increases the energy efficiency.

Excellent sound quality

It is not only the sound quality of the Primus 55 FHDTV 200 twin R which is exciting; the sound reproduction of the separate sound module is also extraordinary. The clean, noise-free reproduction of bass and treble frequencies is the merit of the SRS WOW® sound system. You can enjoy the high-quality sound via the two-way bass reflex system of the Primus or via headphones. For even more sound, surround fans can connect the multi-channel sound (e.g., 5.1 Dolby Digital) of the TV set, which is provided via the digital audio output (optical), to the decoder of the stereo system. When connecting the TV set to a surround system, the high-quality speakers of the Primus can be used as the centre speaker.

Besides two integrated hybrid tuners for DVB-C and DVB-T, the Primus also has a digital recorder (PVR) that is child’s play to control using the familiar Metz operating menu. The clearly structured user interface of the Primus 55 FHDTV 200 twin R makes use of precisely defined, highly legible fonts. You can thus enjoy the categorised Teletext and the Metz Tri-Star menu, whose operating scope can be reduced in three stages, depending on whether the user wants to go into the technical details or concentrate on basic functions.

In addition, there are sensor fields on the set for direct control which respond to the lightest touch. A highly legible OLED plain-text display (not with the wall solution) for the station name and time and a high-quality remote control made of brushed aluminium make the extensive range of features of a Primus perfect down to the last detail.

Connectivity is exceptional

The Metz Primus 55 FHDTV 200 twin R features integrated analogue and digital tuners for cable and antenna and the option to upgrade to satellite reception (DVB-S2). Two externally-accessible input slots for CA modules enable reception of various pay TV channels. No less than three HDMI sockets are available for digital picture transmission. Moreover, a DVI-I interface enables you to establish an analogue or digital connection between the TV set and a computer.

The JPEG photograph display can be used via the USB interface in order to show photographs in an appealing environment, plus there are all the logical interfaces with the analogue world. Audio and YUV input sockets, as well as three Euro/AV sockets, can be used to connect audio and video peripherals. Analogue side connections have naturally also been take into account, e.g. for connecting camcorders and headphones. The interface for the mecaHome+ system makes it possible to use the Primus an information and switching centre for the home at any time.

Metz manufactures individual products for those who want more: With the new Primus, the Metz product range is enriched with another markedly stylish LCD TV that is equipped with the latest technologies. Metz LCD televisions are only available through authorised CE dealers. This ensures that an excellent product is supported by the corresponding advice and service.

Recommended retail price

With floor stand: EUR 6,499

With table stand: EUR 6,299

Wall solution with sound module: EUR 5,999

Wall solution without sound module: EUR 5,599

View gallery - 13 images
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